Death of a friend

On the eleventh of January, 2011 my beloved Weimaraner, Jacque died of blebs which caused leaking of air from his lungs into his chest cavity. Six of the seven lung lobes were effected with blebs and only 50% of the lung can be removed with successful recovery. Upon his death, I realized yet again how much these loving creatures contribute to my life. Without him, I no longer wandered into the woods to paint. I no longer wished to walk at all. I didn't know what to do first thing in the morning. I had no one to eat with, or to share the couch. I had no one to talk to in the car when an inconsiderate driver cut me off in traffic. When I laughed, he no longer came running wondering if he had done something funny to bring me such joy.

Eight years earlier, my first Weimaraner died of cancer and a swore I would never get another dog. As a stood sobbing at the dog park, woman I barely knew changed my mind when she said: "If you don't get another dog, you don't understand the concept of dog." I looked at her with confusion, and she continued: "Dogs live in the present moment. Your dog would never want you to grieve like this for the past. She would want you to take this incredible love and give it to another dog that needs it as much as you need to give it." Two days later, Jacque came into my life and needed a home. If this woman had not said that to me, I would not have been prepared to accept Jacque, and I would not have had the last 8 incredible years with him.

So I took this wisdom in hand a second time and waited for the right dog. It didn't take long. Five days ago, I was informed that a Weimaraner had been returned to the Humane Society for bad behavior. He was 8 months old and not house broken. I dropped everything and went down to meet him. His name is Maestro and he is my new beloved member of the family. (see post above)


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