Back in 2002, I was asked to paint the largest mural of my painting career. The mural took 9 months to complete after I had toured several national parks in the Grand Circle out west. There were several challenges on the job. One was working with scaffolding that was 25ft in the air. When I was on the top level, the platform swayed with my brush movement, or when someone opened the bay doors. It was a little terrifying, so I worked with climbing gear and strapped myself to the ceiling. The second challenge was transferring the design to the wall. Often I use a projector to transfer since all I need is a simple outline to start getting the proportions right. But the site had huge windows in the front and there was no way to darken down the space with all the street lights. So I had to use an Old Master's Grid System transfer technique that took several days longer for each section. The other challenge was the blending of one scene into the next, from daylight with mountains and waterfalls to desert and sunsets. I learned a lot from the mural.

So last fall, when Jerry Bridges called me back to do another mural in his new building at Lloyd Bridges Traveland in Chelsea, I was prepared for the challenge. This new building also has the ceiling painted, which presented an additional element. But I had learned from previous jobs that a scissor lift is the way to go! No more scaffolding for me beyond 10 feet tall! This second location features painting of Michigan landmarks. It was recently featured in RV News Magazine, my first feature in a National Magazine! Be sure to check it out the murals if you are in the area. They are much more interesting in person. Photos never seem to capture the true character of a 360 mural.


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